La Maison du Rhône is particularly proud of its artisanal production methods, that respect Swiss Chocolate makers’ traditional techniques. We consider transmission and sharing as one of our core values. It is with this mindset that Du Rhône Chocolatier is offering you to put yourself in the shoes of a Maître Chocolatier during an indulging workshop, where you will discover our world of chocolate and learn the secrets of manufacturing your favourite products.

  • The „Petits Toqués” Workshop:
    Dedicated to children and teenagers between 6 and 12 years old.
    The little chocolate chefs, as well as the older ones, will immerse themselves in the world of chocolate by preparing fun and indulging creations!
    Duration of workshop: 1h00
    Put in place Wednesdays and during the school holidays
    Group of 8 people maximum
    Price: 35 CHF
  • The “Artist” Workshop:
    Let your creativity speaks! Our chocolate subject will become your canvas and Master Chocolate your crew in order to realize a real masterpiece!
    Duration of workshop: 1h00
    Group of 10 people maximum
    Price: 45 CHF
  • The “Easter Rabbit” Workshop:
    Children – Family and Friends
    Make your own Easter egg and decorate it as you wish, with friends or family, for this special indulging occasion!
    Duration of workshop: 1h00
    Group of 10 people maximum
    Price: 50 CHF
  • Personalised Lesson:
    Alone or accompanied by someone of your choice, you will be welcomed by our Maître Chocolatier for a special course where you can discover and practice all the techniques you like!
    Duration of workshop: 3h00
    Group of 1 to 4 people maximum
    Price: 150 CHF
  • The “Discovery” Workshop:
    Immerse yourself in the world of our Maître Chocolatier, watch him work the chocolate, share his passion and discuss the world of chocolate!
    Duration of workshop: 45min
    Group of 15 people maximum
    Price: 25 CHF
  • A visit of our world of chocolate:
    Let us guide you to the heart of our chocolate factory, learn more about the history behind it, discover our production workshop and spend a relaxing moment in our tea room enjoying and tasting our three main chocolates with a beverage of your choice.
    Duration of workshop: 35min
    Group of 15 people maximum
    Price: 15 CHF

For any further information or reservation, please contact us directly by phone at +41(0) 22 211 56 14 or by email at