The Manufacturing of our Chocolates

The passion, excellency, know-how and creativity of our Masters Chocolatiers are combined to surprise one’s palate. These handmade chocolates are made in compliance with their traditions in order to offer a moment of pleasure in each and every bite. Constantly in search of new flavours, our chocolatiers carefully select first-class ingredients to obtain exceptional chocolates. The marriage of these ingredients is carried out with great care so as to enhance the characteristics of each flavour.

Our Maître Chocolatier’s secrets

For a chocolate to be successful, it must go through several stages:

  • The first is the tempering of the melted chocolate, a primordial and technical procedure which will allow the quality and shininess of the chocolate treat.
  • Once the ganache is made, it is spread out in a frame so that the chocolates are of equal heights.
  • After having let them set, the chocolates are cut out to be given their desired shapes. They are then coated with Dark or Milk Du Rhône chocolate.
  • The last step consists in customising and decorating, both carried out by hand by our chocolatiers, in order to give them the appearance that you well know and to recognise them in a single glance.

The following video will allow you to appreciate the technique of tempering carried out and explained by our Masters Chocolatiers.