Our master chocolatier, Mr. Jean-Pascal Sérignat and his team offer a blend of passion, excellence, skill and creativity that surprise the palate. Our chocolates are hand made in the traditional way to ensure that each one gives its own special moment of pleasure. Always seeking out new flavours, our chocolatiers meticulously select the very best ingredients to obtain chocolates of the highest quality.

These ingredients are combined with scrupulous care to infuse the essential qualities of each flavour.

Trade Secret

picture-presentThe ganache is spread out so that the chocolates are all the same thickness. The mixtures are left to stand, then the pralines are cut out with a “guitar wire” cutter to give them their desired shape.

The final stage in manufacturing luxury chocolates consists of dipping them in a dark or milk chocolate coating. At the same time, the chocolatiers decorate the pralines so that they can be recognised simply by their appearance.

A short interview with Maître Chocolatier Jean-Pascal Sérignat straight from the laboratory