More than 140 years of passion for chocolate

Our story begins back in 1875, when our founder, Mr Pertuiset opened his chocolate store in the emblematic Rue du Rhône in Geneva.

His business rapidly grew and gained its reputation, attracting the best society of the their time.

It was the time of harnessed trucking, pulled by a somewhat greedy horse, which blocked the street until he had been fed his Du Rhône praliné.

In 1993, the flourishing chocolate factory became the property of an initiate in the matter.
Twenty years later, some of our famous original recipes were mysteriously stolen.

From then on it was with the utmost attention that we conceived and preserved our recipes, kept out of sight and away in a safe.

In 1967, the Du Rhône treats conquered the globe.

In 1976, the establishment moved to Rue de la Confédération, where we are still located to this day.

In 2015, Du Rhône Chocolatier opened itself up to the world by creating partnerships with several prestigious dealers in London, New-York, Berlin, Hamburg, and Dubaï; and even by opening three exclusive stores in Riyadh, Taipei and Shanghai, in addition to our well established boutique in Geneva.

It is from this same store in Geneva that our team of chocolatiers, led by our Masters Chocolatiers, realises the prestigious Du Rhône sweets, in a traditional way and according to the traditional know-how of the Swiss chocolate masters.

Du Rhône Chocolatier advocates the authenticity and quality of the products we offer. This is why we look for the best ingredients possible, by selecting first-class cocoa beans from South America and West Africa. We also refuse to add chemical additives and industrial preservatives to our products, to ensure freshness and quality.

Our range of products consists of a selection of dark chocolates “Bitter”, to which is added a selection of “Clear” chocolates. Among our famous chocolates can be found three specialities for which we have been gratified with prestigious awards:

Le Coline

First prize Winner at the Geneva International Chocolatier Show.

Intense ganache with 70% cocoa beans from Brazil-Papua New Guinea.


Le Mocca Glacé

Le Mocca Glacé

Winner of the prize Gault & Millau.

The recipe of the famous Pavé de Genève has been our best kept secret for more than 100 years.




Winner of the 2nd prize at the Geneva International Chocolatier Show.

Ganache with 70% cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, accompanied by its two non smoked Earl Grey and China teas.



This is how our chocolate factory became such a popular place for the highest ranked. Perhaps this is thanks to the subtle care we take , from the making our chocolates right up to the finishing touches, and by making no concessions in terms of easiness. The emotions you feel will certainly resemble those felt by the General de Gaulle, Grace Kelly, Yul Brynner, Churchill, Shah of Iran, Eisenhower, Fernand Raynaud, JF Kennedy, Michel Simon, Maurice Chevalier, Colette…

Beyond trends and the marginalisation of markets, the great tradition of chocolate bears a name, that of DU RHÔNE.