Data Protection

Welcome to the Chocolaterie Du Rhône AG website. In order to guarantee you the best possible identity protection we have drawn up the following policy.

Legal notice
The Chocolaterie Du Rhône AG Company maintains this site for your personal entertainment and information, and also for the purposes of online shopping and communication. Please browse through it as you wish, in order to enjoy it to the full. But before you do this, please read through the following usage and contract conditions, which together with other laws and policies in force apply to you when using this site. This site contains many valuable brands, names, titles, logos, images, designs, entitlements to copyright and other materials, which are the property of the Chocolaterie Du Rhône AG Company, and have been registered by them. By accessing this site and browsing through it you accept the usage and contract conditions. Please also note that the text of these usage and contract conditions can be amended or updated at any time. These amendments are binding. You should therefore visit this page regularly in order to familiarise yourself with the current version of the usage and contract conditions.

Personal Data
In order to visit and explore the Chocolaterie Du Rhône Website you do not have to give personal details of any kind.
We will only ask you for your personal details if you purchase something via our e-shop and therefore use our delivery service. Your details will only be used for the purpose of enabling us to provide you with the best service possible. The greatest possible care will be taken in processing your details and will in no circumstances be sold, hired, lent or exchanged with third parties. Your address details will not be used for any advertising purposes without your permission. If you subscribe to our newsletter, your e-mail address will only be used for this purpose, until such time as you cancel your subscription.

Access to Personal Data
You can have access to your personal data at any time and can amend or complete them if they have changed.

We always take the utmost care to protect customer information. All information that we receive from you through purchases / delivery will be administered in-house and used exclusively by us. We can furthermore assure you that the only persons who will have direct access to your details will be those who need them to carry out a specific task. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to write to us directly, (see contact information on the website). We will be happy to give you further assistance.

Usage and Contract Conditions
The content that you see or read on this website is protected by copyright, unless otherwise indicated. Such content may not without express permission from Chocolaterie Du Rhône AG, be used for any purpose other than that indicated within the framework of these usage and contract conditions or in the text on the site.
Providing that you observe all copyright, branding and other ownership notices associated with this material, you may use / download the material on this website providing it is not for commercial purposes and is only intended for your personal use. Without written permission from Chocolaterie Du Rhône AG content on this site may not be distributed, altered, published, transmitted or transported or used for any non-commercial purpose.
Although the Chocolaterie Du Rhône AG company take every care to ensure that information on this site is correct and up-to-date, they cannot give any guarantee or be held liable for the accuracy of the information. The Chocolaterie Du Rhône AG Company decline any liability or responsibility for any incorrect or incomplete content on this site
Browsing on and use of this site are at the risk of the user. The Chocolaterie Du Rhône AG company or their partners who were involved in constructing, designing and producing the site cannot be held liable for any direct, accidental or indirect damage, consequential damage or claims for compensation arising from accessing or using this site.